1. If a chip or crack appears on the windshield of the car, call the StavAvtosteklo company windshield glass
    The masters of our service will process the damage so that the chip does not turn into, and the crack does not grow glass moscow
    Timely repairs will avoid glass replacement in the future Auto glass B

    For styling a car with a bright color, you can use a color film with a certain tonal gradation — from slightly red, yellow or green to deep black windshield prices
    There are matte and metallized tint films auto glass

    They undergo heat treatment — hardening (gradual heating and rapid cooling), therefore they are called hardened (stalinite) Glass Side
    Heat treatment of glass ensures its destruction (for example, in the event of an accident) into small fragments with non-sharp edges auto glass
    Tempered glasses have increased mechanical strength, and in official documents they are called hardened auto glass
    In these glasses, microcracks can form during operation under the action of high loads or sharp impacts windshield replacement
    Over time, this can lead (quite rarely) to an unexpected destruction (explosion) of the glass auto glass
    A sharp temperature drop during the tempering process causes the appearance of zones of concentration of mechanical stresses in the glass buy windshield
    Even a slight blow to these areas, if they are located at the ends, can lead to the complete destruction of Stalinite side glass
    On modern cars, such glasses are used in doors, rear openings, etc buy windshield
    , but are not installed as windshields rear glass

    As you know, light alloys and steel can be used in car rims buy windshield
    Fragments of steel products are stamped, after which a welding joint is performed Windshield
    car glass
    glass for cars

    Sputter-tinted glass has a low resistance to scratches, but this type of tinting allows you to make glazing that does not transmit infrared, ultraviolet rays and practically does not impair visibility frontal

    The subtlety lies in the fact that the design of the glass provides not only visibility, but also the overall rigidity of the car, being an important part of the frame Glass Replacement
    Poorly, poorly repaired glass will not be able to perform this function

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